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26th-Aug-2014 04:49 pm - A-school
I brought Foomin to agility school today. I told the instructor last week that Foomin has been sluggish and unwilling to do agility for the past month or so, so she said to bring her in. As soon as the instructor took one look at Foomin, she diagnosed the problem: she's fat. What!? Poor Foomin. I don't think she looks fat. Or feels fat. And she recently had a bath so her fur is still puffed out (they used some kind of super shampoo on her this time because her fur has stayed so clean, soft and poofed-out fuzzy for a lot longer than usual). Well, since I can no longer feed Foomin, I did not run her as I planned. After a run she must have treats, except that is now forbidden. Foomin must diet.

Pancake was great in agility school. She was very fast, willing to go out at a distance, and look a little happy doing the obstacles. Ah, she makes me so happy sometimes.
23rd-Aug-2014 05:34 am - Happy 11th b-day, Pirate
Pirate tongue
(One day late, oops.)

Somehow Pirate has lived to be eleven years old, despite flipping upside-down when she chases after the ball, or skidding up her front legs trying to stop running, or smashing into the side of the house when trying to bite the hose... Eleven years and no common sense yet. -_-'
21st-Aug-2014 09:01 pm - please Pancake
Pancake is in a DOCNA trial this weekend. I chose not to pull her entry because it should have a small attendance, and I foolishly hope that Pancake will show a small amount of improvement since lessons have been going pretty well. Also she has been on a Chinese herb for her attitude (shen calmer) for a few weeks. Plus DOCNA allows training in the ring, so I can do that... if she doesn't just ignore me and do what she wants, like leave the ring outright.

Last week Pancake was awesome in the weaves, sort of. One of the courses had a terrible entry to it and I did not help her one bit. It had a very wide angle compared to the previous jump. When I said to weave, she zipped right in correctly, while I ran to catch up and shove her into the second pole. No, I did not touch her. It is an agility shove with movement, like herding dogs moving their stock around. And she listened to me, getting the second pole too! And most of the rest!

This week Pancake was addicted to the dog walk. There were two tunnels underneath it, and we had to deliberately pass by it a couple times, but she had to go on the dog walk a few extra times. Okay Pancake.

This weekend we were in Canada! At Misha and Pancake's breeders' house! Full of Corgis! And chicken salad sandwiches! Pancake had lots of fun playing with her brother. She made these awful screeching sounds she has never made before, very high-pitched, as if she was being painfully mauled. She is just a drama queen.

Foomin ran in an AAC trial, got 6/17 Qs. She was so not into it, especially not the weaves. She was slow. their contacts sucked, very little sand mixed in paint for the surfaces, which was actually peeling off the steel dog walk, leaving a smooth surface. A lot of dogs were sliding down various contacts, with a few small dogs, including Fooin, sliding backwards off the up contacts on the A-frame. Foomin also landed on her belly when getting onto the dog walk for the first time. She expected to be able to grip her front feet on rubber and use that to pull the rest of herself up from her angled entry. Nope, she slipped and got a boo boo belly. Maybe that is what made her not want to do agility. Maybe it hurt her more than I thought... And then back at the house that night she played furiously with pancake, so.... Faker.

I did not see much of Canada, once again. Just the people of the agility trial. Like this one guy, in spandex pants, where you could see every detail, because he did not wear a long shirt or even shorts on top of the spandex pants. Children were present! Ugh.
6th-Aug-2014 08:50 pm - nurse Pancake
Pan noble
Foomin has an eye infection, both eyes. I think Misha does too. I don't know what they got into this weekend. Pancake started to fight Foomin just now but stopped to sniff Foomin's eyes. Then she started licking the eyes. Foomin tried to move away but Pancake brushed one of her front paws on Foomin's face a few times, then kept on licking and sniffing so gently. Foomin let her be a nurse. When Pancake was done with the exam and treatment, Foomin started to chew a bone, so Pancake went back to being annoying and sat in Foomin's face to try to annoy Foomin off the bone so Pancake could have it. And now they are fighting again because Foomin does not want anyone sitting in her face.
5th-Aug-2014 09:16 pm - teeterhead
Oh, Pancake. She was good in agility school today. She kept her attitude up for the class, aside from confusion at the teeter. She is so easily confused. I blame the instructor. She just had to put the teeter at the front of the ring. It was by the start jump in both courses. When I sat Pancake down for her first run, took off the collar and walked away while she sat there, she noticed the teeter to her right. So she went on it. Fine. Finish it. Then I tried to bring her back to the start jump. Nope! Teeter time again. When I tried to bring her to the start jump after that second teeter, she tried to go on it a third time. I quickly jumped in front of it and told her no more. She looked upset. Why not do the highly-rewarded obstacle? When it came time to do the teeter for real, she went around it. Tooooo sensitive. When I told her again to get on it, she did and slowly. I think it was at the first run of the second course when she just plain stopped on it and I had to lift her off to rev up and restart. She is such an exasperating weenie sometimes.
3rd-Aug-2014 10:14 pm - USDAA trial
That stinky Foomin! This weekend we went to her first USDAA trial. I have been waiting for a few years to put her in one, since they created the veterans (master) class for eight year old dogs and older. That way Foomin could jump four inches, with a lower A-frame. Well! She only got two qualifying scores out of six. That's terrible! The courses were way easier than UKI. Let me explain the badness in list form!

Standard: over time by four point something seconds. They require a down on the table and it took Foomin sooooooo long to do it. At least ten seconds, maybe more. No other venue requires a down on a table any more. AAC doesn't even require a table to be used in master level if the judge doesn't feel like it, and most don't.

Gamblers: Foomin knocked down the bar on the second obstacle in the gamble. Arrrgh. She was one of the best dogs doing the gamble too. Most people called their dogs to them after the first obstacle, in order to purposely turn their dog to the correct second obstacle, and they still ended up missing anyway most of the time. I just waved my arm out as soon as Foomin finished the first obstacle and she went out without having to come to me first. But then.... arrrrgh!

Snooker: Q, 1st. This was a pretty easy course. I though USDAA was supposed to be difficult.

Jumpers: Q, 1st. Foomin was pumped up and moved quickly.

Gamblers: Foomin REFUSED TO DO THE LAST JUMP OF THE GAMBLE!!!! I could not believe how bad she was. We just got enough points in the first half to qualify. She moved smoothly into the whole gamble, again better than most other dogs, but then she slowed to a stop in front of the last jump and stared at it. So very very very bad! People were shouting AWWWWW and OHHHHHH, and I told Foomin they were all booing at her, like she deserved. Really! How bad can she be??

Standard: Foomin did the table much better this time, no sniffing and down when I said as fast as she is able. Fine. Then towards the end she went back over a jump she had just completed, instead of going around it. She never does that! She hates doing that any time I ask her to so I have stopped asking her to. Oh she was so full of it this run.

Pancake was in the trial too. She was in one gamblers run each day. Neither was a Q but she did sort of follow me and ran around. That is better than ignoring me and wandering to sniff. She did leave the ring both times, but only after I directed her to the gable area, which was near the exit. She did half the gamble both times before blowing me off to zoom away. I know she can do this stuff. She just needs to get her brain on. And to stop eating clumps of mowed grass. She ate so much of it while running her second round. Ugh.

One of the judges was such a smartass. I can't believe people don't complain about him, but someone said he is a "manwhore" so ladies like that. One time when people were adjusting the height of the A-frame during a jump height change, he laid on it when they were lifting it. What the heck?
1st-Aug-2014 08:54 pm - back up the back
Pirate dumb
I am not sure Foomin's latest chiropractic adjustment was good for her. She is laying down more often than before it. Unless Pancake had something to do with it. Or squirrels.

I was admonished by Pirate a couple of days ago when I was taking too long to greet the Corgis after coming home from work. She had run to the back door, then came back to look at me and said, "Oooooooohhhh!!!" Then she ran back to the back door. I guess she really had to pee. But there is no such thing as taking too long to greet Corgis! Shut up, Pirate.
31st-Jul-2014 07:58 pm - savory Pancake
"Herbed Pancake," huh? That makes her a savory one right? Anyway, her belly is better already. Maybe it was not the herbs, since I still was dosing her with them. She only had the squirts for that one time period. Maybe she ate something she should not have when she jumped the fence the night before her squirts. She is such a bad bad dog.

This weekend is Foomin's first USDAA trial. We'll see if she is able to make time. I know she will pwn the courses, especially in gamblers, but I have no idea how fast she needs to be. I had to wait until she turned eight years old, in order for her to jump four inches. USDAA buttheads. They totally favor the big dogs. Well, Foomin has bigger cuteness than all them Border Collies.
30th-Jul-2014 09:38 pm - liquid pooper
Pan butt
Poor little Pancake has had squirty diarrhea since this morning. The chiropractor suggested some Chinese herbs to help give Pancake confidence at trials. It has to be given twice a day, every day. I just started the dosing last night, and first thing this morning she squirted her poo out like water. My poor baby. But she was pretty darn good about holding it over night. She should have cried or something if she needed to go out.

Later in the morning she did poop in the house, but did it on the pergo floor, so it was easy to clean. I stored her in the bathroom while I cleaned it up, and to make sure she would not poop again. After a little while she started to wuff at me. It was sad, but very cute. She barked so softly and not rude at all. She has such a vocal range. Anyway, when she started crying I let her back outside. She didn't have much to poop out, and it was not completely liquid. I think she just wanted to complain about her confinement. After that she had no more to come out and just wanted to play with her chase-it toy, or with the tug.
29th-Jul-2014 09:23 pm - A-school
Pan noble
Pancake was AWESOME in agility school today! It was like running a mini-Misha. She was quick. She was willing to work. She pulled my chain. She was happy. She was listening to and watching me. She did the teeter every time with no encouragement from me. Her weaves were pretty good. All her jumps were great. She was about to go around one but I caught it and she swerved to go get it too, instead of blowing me off. She got crazy and tunnel-sucky at the tunnel under the A-frame. She kept ignoring me to go zoom through the tunnel. Once she totally looked like she was going to obey finally and climb up, but suddenly shifted sideways at the last second to go in the tunnel. Jerk! LOLOLOLOL!!!! I am so proud she seemed to have a good time today. I am still not entering her in any trials though, not until November.

So I've been trying to find AAC trials in Canada for Foomin. I thought about going to one in London, Ontario, but they have been completely unresponsive to my questions. Well, poo on them now, because one just showed up on the calendar for the exact same weekend, offering the exact same classes, but one hour closer to me. So there.
16th-Jul-2014 05:42 pm - pro pics
I was very busy last night, pulling Pancake from trials and rewriting checks and entry forms. She is now fired from agility. I will just throw myself into working on Foomin's titles. Plus Foomin is a lot more fun to run. You hear that, pouty Pancake?

This dog is doing it wrong:


http://www.pbase.com/barryrosen/image/156426530 Yeah, it was raining.

More Pancake
http://www.pbase.com/barryrosen/image/156438971 She looks so much like her auntie Meadow.

Pancake again


Pancake contained

Back to Foomin

This sheltie cracks me up. She's cute.

Pancake does one thing

15th-Jul-2014 04:20 pm - brraaap!
Pirate tongue
Pancake was very good in agility school today. She was quite happy to play with me. Her weaves still need practice so she can do them without my help, but that is my fault for doing nothing about it at home. For her first teeter performance she stopped before the tipping point... and burped. Who burps while being sporty?? I don't hear about this on TV about other sports. Usain Bolt does not stop sprinting so he can burp. Save the burps for outside the ring!

Which reminds me of the other recent unsportsmanlike conduct Pancake did at the UKI trial this weekend. She pooped in the ring in gamblers, again. Dammit. While I was waiting for the spray bottle of odor elimination to arrive to me at Pancake's poop spot, she left me to wander the ring. She trotted all the way to the opposite side (ring is 100x100 feet), went into the tunnel in the corner, over the jump after that, across the teeter, and over the jump by the ring exit. THAT WAS THE GAMBLE! Boy, do I have good distance on my dog! And I didn't even have to direct her. Jeez. Too bad we didn't have enough opening points to qualify. Oh, and she pooped in the ring.
15th-Jul-2014 12:20 am - trial stuffs backwards mostly
Pan pillow
We went to a UKI trial this weekend. Pancake was only in a couple of runs. She was awful as usual, with no desire to do agility. It wasn't even crowded or anything. Only twenty people were at the trial, total, including the judge. I have no idea what is her problem. Foomin did well. I may even go so far to say she enjoyed herself on the weirdo courses. I couldn't just stand around and direct her. I had to run around and sound foolish, and maybe she liked mom looking weird. She qualified in everything... except "agility," which other venues call "standard." Dammit. It is the only thing she needs for her championship. Just one agility Q. On Saturday she was five.something seconds over time. On Sunday it was 2.something seconds over time. She did her Foo best! Next chance is in October, where I will have to NOT go to a CPE trial that weekend in order to maybe get this one stinking Q. Arrrgh.

Pancake had a visit with the chiropractor Tuesday. I wanted to make sure she had no injuries that may be giving her this rotten agility trial attitude. The chiro said Pancake's back was all kinds of messed up for her age, too many things out of place. It's probably due to the way Pancake loves to play: jumping and biting like an insane freak. She so loves that. Some x-rays were also done, of her spine. They looked great, according to the vet. So the adjustment got done... and no improvement at the trial following that. Oh well. Must be a mental issue then.

At the CPE trial the weekend before, Pancake finished her first level 2 title, the handler one. I just figured that out today. She got a whole two Qs at that trial, in colors and wildcard, out of thirteen runs. For all the other runs, she just left the ring without me. The wildcard was on the first day. I have no recollection of how we managed to do it. The colors was the last run of the third day. By then very few people were left. It was a darn long weekend (and yet cold! in July! the infamous polar vortex is still hanging around!). By this time the food vendor was packing up to leave. They put out a bowl of leftover cooked meat. I took the hamburger patty and gave some to Pancake. This got her very interested. She followed me so closely in the ring afterwards, with big round hopeful eyes, wanting more burger. Oh she was so good. She totally knows how to do agility. Everyone cheered so loudly when we finished the run, because they saw the troubles we've had. The judge said it was beautiful. I wish I could have this Pancake all the time.

That Foomin. Oooooo. She was so bad. So very naughty. She jumped over the bottom contact on the dog walk in the second round of standard in the three day CPE trial. Oh no no. That was supposed to be for her level C extraordinaire standard title. Now I am debating whether or not to try to collect it again. She's close to finishing her level 5 points title, but neither of the next two CPE trials are offering standard. Blargh. Otherwise, Foomin qualified in the other twelve runs.

And Misha! Misha got to run agility. At this site, there were two venues running at the same time, CPE and USDAA. The USDAA trial was having a fun run of brace, where two dogs run at the same time with one handler. They let me jump in with Foomin and Misha unofficially. Everyone was having a blast, though not many entered. This one team's dogs were fighting with each other, where one was trapping the other in tunnels purposely so the other dog could not leave the tunnel. How mean! The judge gave up trying to judge it normally, so he would just assign a fault number after the run was over. Oh, that one is 60 faults. That one is 100 faults. That one is 20 faults. I think only one team did it right. Not mine! Misha and Foomin were not well matched. Misha is still much faster than Foomin, so Foomin would lag and end up cutting corners to catch up by bypassing obstacles. And then there were the weave poles. Only one set of 12 and both dogs had to do them. Misha got in first so she weaved weaved weaved, until Foomin smashed Misha out of them with a shoulder, just so Foomin could get in and weave. Jeez! How rude!

It rained the first day of the CPE trial. The ground was very wet. A crazy yappy Scottish Terrier leapt off the A-frame and slid on his face a few feet. Literally on his face, with the rest of his body sticking up in the air. It didn't phase him.

I thought I was going to go to these three AAC trial in October/November, but... The premiums just went up today. The classes are sorted so weirdly so there is no chance of move-ups. Also they are in an unheated horse barn. Brrrrrr! Also they close early, so I would have to be terribly optimistic and enter Foomin in the highest level, expecting that she would get there by then. I don't think it's going to happen. I really wanted to try to finish Foomin's AAC championship this year. Boo hoo.

I am working out all my entered trials to remove Pancake's entries from them. I should just save my money since she does not want to play with me.
12th-Jul-2014 08:58 am - insane poodle
Huh. This insanely fast standard poodle just whipped a weave pole off from the middle of the set of 12 poles while zooming though them. Jeez. Never seen that before. The owner said her dog does that all the time, even breaking a pole once. Is that a fault?

Update: the pole got broken.
8th-Jul-2014 01:14 pm - she used to be that little???

Eight is great! And she's still running on four legs. Get those damn squirrels, girl!
30th-Jun-2014 09:14 pm - AAC trial
Pan pillow
This weekend we went to a three day AAC agility trial in Canada. Everyone... most everyone there was friendly. The judges were great. The one rubbed me the wrong way at first but I guess she is just a stern type. The difficulty was medium to challenging. There was not an extreme, such as everyone can win courses or super fast times only courses. Clean runs only, though, for a qualifying score. Refusals judging changed depending on the class. Everyone loved Pancake's cuteness, from her face to her name. Everyone was impressed with Foomin's working ability, as "poetry in motion" or "read the course map herself." It was so hot, even though I was farther north than home, and there were so many mosquitoes. I was bitten a lot. I probably have some Canadian diseases now. Eh?

I don't remember the results off the top of my head. Pancake qualified in nothing out of 15 runs. She followed a seagull flying around the ring for one of the courses. So many people laughed loudly at that. The judge offered me to restart after the bird left, but I knew Pancake would not work after that. She pooped in the ring for another one. After pooping she walked away to the exit, ignoring me. I told her not to run away from her shame. Some people laughed. She then came back and did the teeter on her own. Weirdo. She ignored me after a few obstacles for a bunch of others, and either left the ring or sniffed and sniffed. She almost did a full course the first day but then smelled the area where the dog before her pooped in the ring, and would not work after that. She went insane for a couple of runs, jumping sideways off the middle of the teeter after tipping it. Zoomed around in a gamblers after trying to walk out of the ring at the start line. She ran the outside perimeter as fast as she could, doing the obstacles, and when she flew off the dog walk without touching the end contact the judge made a big O-face... and then Pancake came to a halt and sniffed and sniffed. *sigh*

Foomin finished both the starters titles. Her first two days were perfect, even earning a "super Q" in gamblers on the first day with 98 points. I did not understand their rules, so I denied Foomin got so many points, because really she only earned 49, but they laughed at me. When you successfully complete the gamble in AAC, your earned points double. Whatever. Her qualifying in everything the first two days meant she could move up in everything, except snooker, since only one round was offered (You need 2 Qs in each game under 2 different judges to move up). On the third day Foomin dropped the first jump's bar in advanced standard, then pooped in the ring at the start line in the first round of steeplechase, was too slow to qualify in the second round of steeplechase, was led astray by her handler in advanced gamblers, and finally qualified in advanced jumpers. She also qualified in starters snooker on the third day, which finished her starters games title. I was stunned by this round. All the other handlers made too complicated courses and were unable to qualify. Foomin was the only one who did so, and she was not the fastest dog at all. Even for the end of the day there were still some reasonably fast dogs going. Their handlers just picked stupid paths. I figured out the shortest darn path just to get the thing over with for the least amount of Foomin's energy, and would still Q. And it worked. I'm not sure why no one after Foomin copied the course.

There was one other Corgi at the trial, a pretty red girl named Jiffy from Curig. She was a snob like Misha. She had no interest in me, only her mother, unless I had food. She also ran like Misha, in her "Whatever, Mother" mood. She even stopped in front of the standard of one jump in the middle of the course, with her head turned away from the jump, all "I don't see anything there" posing. She wasn't too fast, because it was hot, but she did everything her mother asked her to. She was a very steady worker, like Misha.
20th-Jun-2014 06:12 pm - such a lovable Pancake
Pan smile
So cute. So much a butthead. I had Pancake outside with the chase-it toy. She just loves that thing. She would not let go of the stuffed animal at all. And she squeaked it a lot. I held the handle and dragged her around while picking up sticks and poop. She didn't care. It was her catch so she just kept holding it, no matter where I went. And she was holding it weird. It was scrunching her nose up so she was snort-sneezing half the time we were out there. Pirate also likes the chase-it but she is too rough with it. She followed Pancake and I while doing violence upon her foam frisbee, throttling and smashing it on the ground.
19th-Jun-2014 04:41 pm - school and chiro
Pan pillow
Pancake was pretty good in agility school Tuesday. She followed me. She didn't look like she was being beaten on a daily basis. She did very well with rear crosses and small send-outs for such. Not so good on front crosses. She reads them too closely and thinks I am sending her when I am only halfway through my turn of the cross maneuver. She pulled her waiting crap on the teeter again. Her weaves were good. I did not have to over emphasize my hand movements to make sure she went in and out of them correctly. I think she was mostly happy. Right before the class started, the instructor had one of her dogs out loose in the building to get him to potty outside. Pancake did not like this. She was in the crate but wanted to go see him, so she clawed and clawed at the mesh door to her soft crate.

Foomin had her second chiropractic appointment today. The vet was impressed with how well Foo held her adjustment from two weeks ago. That means Foomin will probably not need any other types of treatment in addition to the adjustment. As usual, she floozed up all three of the people working there, getting so many treats (that she never chewed, and acted like she never even got them). Suckers. Foomin did not like getting the adjustment, but once home she was pretty happy with me. She laid by me wherever I was in the house. She did that last time too. Her movement and attitude was so much improved after just the first visit. I wonder how much better she can get. Will she go back to running on the ceilings of tunnels? And I forgot to mention this last time, but the vet said Foomin has an extra tooth! On her upper left side she has a duplicate of one of the little pointy things after her big fang. She is such an alien.

I woke up this morning to a pile of slimy poop in the bedroom doorway. I suspect it was one of the Pems. I am surprised foul and nasty Misha did not eat it. Maybe only outdoor poop is her flavor. She did eat some of it this afternoon outside. Gross!
15th-Jun-2014 09:24 am - what was that, pancake?
Pirate evil
Jackpot first thing in the morning. I riled Pancake up because we needed energy to hoard lots of points. She also played a little with a friendly sheltie before going in the ring. As soon as I took off the leash she left the ring to go back to playing with the sheltie. I grabbed her and carried Pancake back to the start line. The judge said I could start again. This time she ran with me... for two obstacles. She saw the teeter and went right on it. She lingered before tipping but did do it eventually. Then I was going to take her to the corner with tunnels. Nope. She saw the a-frame and swerved away from me to go on it. And of course she had a great view up there. A view of her next obstacle, the table. She zoomed down the a-frame, across the table and then out the ring.

Hooray. Pancake likes her contact obstacles today.
14th-Jun-2014 11:10 am - my heart hurts
Pancake just wants to break my heart every weekend. I have no idea how to fix it. She peed in the ring. When I put my hand on her neck to hold her scruff, so she would not leave or fart around avoiding me while leaving the ring, she screeched like she was being beaten. She is such a drama queen in addition to being a butthead.

We got into the trial in PA in July. I just have to remember which hotel I was going to make the reservation for.
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