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Misha's Fluffy Butt
And Foomin, Pancake and Pirate too!
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30th-Aug-2015 07:21 pm - Pan at school last Tuesday
Pan smile
Pancake put her bad, naughty yard-escaping skills to use in school Tuesday. When she jumps the fence at home, she jumps on it to bend it down, and then pushes up and over the bend to actually get over the fence.

We had one of these in school last week:


I and the other 8" person did not bother changing the height on this jump from 20" because it was not part of the course we were running. Well, Miss Pancake decided to jump it set at 20", instead of going around it like I wanted her to. Since she is so experienced at jumping the fence at home, she tried to climb this jump. She jumped as high as she could and tried to grab the panels with her feet in order to jump higher. WRONG! It all fell down. She landed on her feet and she was a little shocked, but I had her do it again, now set at 8" and she was fine. Crazy girl.
25th-Aug-2015 08:57 pm - Pancake in school!
Pan noble
She was so good in school today. A little wacky. Very willing to work. And she played with the instructor's aussie puppy for a little while. the instructor was impressed with how nicely she played, even though she made loud noises, because it looked and sounded like Pancake was playing hard even though she was gentle. She even said "Pancake, you're so cute!"

OMG! The instructor refused to call Corgis cute for years because a certain person supposedly overused the word for her own Corgis. Misha didn't even get called cute (although Misha is more pretty than cute).

But Pancake WAS cute, making all those growly noises and showing much teeth and claws. Puppies have to be disciplined, especially boys.

I was looking at an old trial catalog from earlier this year and saw a Corgi named "Poutine" listed. Poutine! Pancake and Poutine would be quite a pair! They should become friends.
24th-Aug-2015 04:13 pm - smushy pathetic Misha
There is a dog bed in the bathroom, tucked into the corner. Misha is always laying in there alone, so I put that bed there for her comfort. But will she lay on it? NO! Is the bed not soft enough for her? Does she want it covered in real mink fur? Stuffed with duckling down? What is the problem? She should love that bed. It is the color of her favorite snack: poop! I just can't make her happy or comfy.
23rd-Aug-2015 12:00 pm - my memory is teh suck
Did I say these things already? Why are they still hanging out in my inbox? Well here they are, again maybe.

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16th-Aug-2015 05:10 pm - simmering
The more I think about this, the more upset I am that the judge so unprofessionally had an argument with the peanut gallery, shouting during my run.
16th-Aug-2015 12:59 pm - last minute entry to UKI trial
Pan butt
Pancake was not that good. In her first run we did three obstacles. She was not supposed to do that third one, sucked into a tunnel, so we got whistled off. She did the second run correctly, but during it the judge and ring crew were arguing about which dog has a cuter butt, a Corgi or a Corker Spaniel, which the judge has. I got tired of hearing the judge, so I told the ring crew to shut up and agree with the judge to keep her happy so I can get a Q. But when I said this Pancake got distracted and knocked down a bar. Poor baby, having a judge talk bad about her butt during her run. I had to defend her. I did not like the judge very much even outside of that.
11th-Aug-2015 08:53 pm - CPE trial and dinner time
Pancake made me mad. After she finished her food she saw Pirate had raised her head from her bowl to eat a mouthful of food stop Pancake ran over and started vacuuming out Pirate's food. When I grabbed Pancake and pulled her away and yelled at her no she gave me the meanest face with teeth and lips and eyes all angry. She is so mean.

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6th-Aug-2015 06:25 pm - more USDAA trial
Pirate evil
By the way, the lady with the attacking dog was at the Quebec trial I went to Easter weekend this year. I wonder how she kept her dog from attacking any others, considering it was super crowded, shoulder-to-shoulder trying to move ANYWHERE inside the building. Oh, but outdoors on a farm with as much room as you could want, her dog bit two dogs in two hours? Okay!

Anyway, summary of Pancake runs from emails.
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3rd-Aug-2015 12:51 pm - USDAA trial results

Veterans Gamblers - 4 Inch - Judge: Janet Gaunt
Score: 24 (NQ) Time: 45.38 seconds 1st Place

Veterans Jumpers - 4 Inch - Judge: Janet Gaunt
Distance: 158 yards SCT: 46 seconds
Score: 0.00 (Q) Time: 38.46 seconds 1st Place

Veterans Snooker - 4 Inch - Judge: Janet Gaunt
Score: 39 (Q) Time: 66.74 seconds 1st Place

Veterans Gamblers - 4 Inch - Judge: Janet Gaunt
Score: 32 (Q) Time: 39.53 seconds 1st Place


Performance I Jumpers - 8 Inch - Judge: Sally Josselyn
Distance: 104 yards SCT: 36 seconds
Score: 5.00 (NQ) Time: 27.12 seconds

Performance I Snooker - 8 Inch - Judge: Sally Josselyn
Score: 39 (Q) Time: 59.77 seconds 1st Place

Performance I Pairs - 8 Inch - Judge: Sally Josselyn
Izzy and Kelley
Distance: 162 yards SCT: 77 seconds
Score: 75.91 (Q) Time: 75.91 seconds 1st Place

Performance I Standard - 8 Inch - Judge: Sally Josselyn
Distance: 136 yards SCT: 69 seconds
Score: 0.00 (Q) Time: 55.85 seconds 1st Place

Performance I Pairs - 8 Inch - Judge: Sally Josselyn
Micco and Connie
Distance: 143 yards SCT: 70 seconds
Eliminated Time: No Time

Performance II Standard - 8 Inch - Judge: Sally Josselyn
Distance: 157 yards SCT: 63 seconds
Score: 62.69 (NQ) Time: 125.69 seconds 2nd Place

Performance I Gamblers - 8 Inch - Judge: Sally Josselyn
Score: 34 (Q) Time: 34.06 seconds 1st Place

Performance II Snooker - 8 Inch - Judge: Sally Josselyn
Score: 39 (Q) Time: 63.57 seconds 1st Place
2nd-Aug-2015 10:58 pm - major drama llamas
I was at a USDAA trial this weekend. There was a TV crew here from Quebec. They were filming a Quebec agility competitor for some documentary. They kept driving their van around the grounds while dogs were running. First thing in the morning, they had their van parked right against the back of the novice dogs' ring. Just what beginner dogs need to deal with, right?

The lady who was being filmed... her dog bit two dogs Saturday morning. She was not watching her dog because she kept talking to the camera. She said her dog hates other dogs. Maybe she should not have agreed to be filmed if she can't do it right.

That lady probably has connections to the film studio, and that's why she was being filmed. Most people in documentaries like that do. The focus on this documentary is not on dogs but on the community feeling and social aspect of the sport. Too bad the film crew left at lunchtime. They missed filming the hearing. The trial secretary insisted that both victims talk to the judge.

I had to go to the hearing in case people had questions for me, since I witnessed both attack incidents. She wasn't sorry at all. No acknowledgment of her paying no attention to her dog when she knew he has a bad attitude. She tried to say her dogs is that way because he was attacked by another dog, so now he attacks any dog that gets too close. If she knew all that, why did she stop to gab with the film crew right next to the exit gate of the ring both times, when there were still dogs running and then leaving the ring??

I did not get the verdict of the hearing, but she was still running her dog Sunday, so I guess she did not get kicked out and her dog was not banned.
30th-Jul-2015 07:44 pm - serious business
Pirate dumb
Someone this weekend told me about this trial:

July 31 & August 1-2, 2015
Muddy Paws Agility Club
Westminster, VT
JUDGES: Doreen Lucius
CLASSES: Friday Saturday Sunday
Standard Standard (2 rounds) Standard (2 rounds)
Snooker Snooker Snooker
Jackpot Jackpot
FullHouse Jumpers

The trial secretary was calling it the "serious, no fun trial" because of all the rounds of standard, jackpot and snooker being offered. I thought agility was supposed to be fun!
29th-Jul-2015 08:15 pm - who is Seamus?
Seamus is a red Pem puppy owned by Meadow and Quinn's mom, but he is not a Spock Corgi. Scandalous! Pancake got to play with him when he was little little. Now he is six months old, and already bigger than Pancake! Luckily he knows his place as a dumb boy, which is lower than all girls, as all boys are.

He has a layer of... spoiledness (chub). Her hubby gives him too many treats.

Seamus was very good about meeting Pancake and Foomin in the van. They were bitchy at him at first, and he did not press himself on them. He stopped being annoying right away any time they growled at him. He put his front legs up on the van side floor to look at the crate, but he refused to get any closer to that box full of snarls. I even lifted him up into the van and he did his best to avoid being near the bitches. Once all Pancake did was lift her lip a little and he backed away. But then they were all friends quickly. I got to stuff him into the crate, where Foomin and Pancake sniffed him a lot while he ignored them. After Pancake's fourth run at the trial this weekend, the two played around a little, having a fun fight. He really needs a sister Corgi, and Pancake needs a brother. I think that's why she likes her boyfriend so much, she can run and play rough with him and it is all okay with him.
Pancake got to play with a puppy Tuesday. Our instructor got another Aussie this weekend. He didn't like Pancake. She kept pushing him around and shoving her whole head up his tiny butt. She rolled him over a couple of times. He just kept trotting away from her but she followed him everywhere... until her boyfriend, the sitter's Aussie, showed up. Then she ran after him all around the ring.

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22nd-Jul-2015 09:39 pm - no angels
Me: Any time I mention how much fun Pancake has with her boyfriend Chet,
[her breeder] says Pancake is too young to have a boyfriend. I think she is
being too protective of her granddaughter. It's not like Chet is
robbing the cradle. They are similar in age.

Dog sitter: It's that annoying grandmother thing (ie Wendy). They get WAY too protective of their little angels - only we know better, don't we?

Me: Not seeing how Pancake nor any of Wendy's dogs qualify as angels.

Dog sitter: Throw Chet and the rest of my dogs in that group as well.

Me: I guess Foomin is the only good dog around, and she doesn't really
count since she in actually an alien from a superior outer space race.

Dog sitter: Hey what about Misha? Just 'cause she likes to eat poo . . .

Me: Exactly! Poop eating is not angelic in any way.
21st-Jul-2015 07:00 am - heart attack time
After we got home from the USDAA trial Saturday... that bad Pancake ran away as soon as we got home and I let them in the back yard, chasing a rabbit. She went as far as she's ever been. I could not see her because she went in the woods. Luckily she found something stinky to stop and smell so I could see her and grab her. I want to shake her and strangle her. She had been doing so well lately at not blindly chasing, and listening when I said to stay home.
21st-Jul-2015 06:58 am - official USDAA results
Veterans Jumpers - 4 Inch - Judge: Carol Mount
Score: 1.21 (NQ) Time: 45.21 seconds 1st Place

Veterans Gamblers - 4 Inch - Judge: Carol Mount
Score: 39 (Q) Time: 41.04 seconds 1st Place


Performance I Jumpers - 8 Inch - Judge: Carol Mount
Distance: 119 yards SCT: 41 seconds
Score: 9.69 (NQ) Time: 50.69 seconds 2nd Place

Performance I Pairs - 8 Inch - Judge: Carol Mount
Distance: 132 yards SCT: 65 seconds
Score: 69.37 (NQ) Time: 69.37 seconds 1st Place

Performance I Gamblers - 8 Inch - Judge: Carol Mount
Score: 42 (Q) Time: 32.71 seconds 1st Place

Performance I Standard - 8 Inch - Judge: Carol Mount
Distance: 134 yards SCT: 69 seconds
Score: 18.32 (NQ) Time: 82.32 seconds 3rd Place
20th-Jul-2015 09:55 pm - USDAA Saturday
Pirate tongue
Pancake had a boo boo leg [last] weekend, so Pirate took her spot in
agility class this morning. Everyone was impressed with how well she
did... aside from walking straight into the side of a tunnel.... while
looking right at it! Oh, Pirate.
Also, her first encounter of the tire was unique. She went around it,
and around it again, and between the tire and the frame, and then
crawled underneath the very lowest point of the tire (which was set to
16 inches!), then finally backjumped it before jumping through it in
the correct direction.
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17th-Jul-2015 07:33 am - boo boo pan pan leg
Pan grumpy
Took me 5 hours to do yard work. every time I came in the house for a break, to lie down on the cool kitchen floor, The Corgis would surround me and lie down against me with their hot hairy bodies. Yes! Just what I need when I am sweaty and panting! More heat and furry insulation! Their idea of help is messed up.

AND THEN Pancake would pick a fight with Misha, and trample my legs, so when I sat up and curled my legs towards me so she can't run on me anymore, she does it ANYWAY by leaping up on my knees up high and digging her nails into my arms, and kicking away to jump off, and leave big scratches in my arms. She did this three times, even though I threw her off me the second time. The next Corgi needs to be less evil!
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10th-Jul-2015 03:57 pm - more mail notes
Pan butt
(picture of Pancake licking her butt)
Mu: Well probably has change one of her hair from being at the good place

Me: I didn't think she was as much of a diva as Meadow.
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9th-Jul-2015 08:26 pm - my mail notes
I found an agility practice time for Pancake tomorrow morning at someplace new for her. They allow toys and treats in the ring. I hope Pancake has fun but with me, not by herself.
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