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Misha's Fluffy Butt
And Foomin, Pancake and Pirate too!
CKC info email 
11th-Jun-2017 10:59 pm
Will you ever be offering the challenge class in the future?

CKC club:
We now have serious restrictions on the number of classes that we can offer (rule changes starting January 2017) and are only allowed 12 courses per judge per day. We don't have enough participants to hire a 3rd judge, so we have to offer the classes that the most people will come for. I'm hoping that we will, in the future, be able to offer the classes that appeal to the widest audience. ‎At the moment, that means mostly Standard and jumpers.
Thank you for your question!

Interesting. I wonder why CKC created more classes, then, if they have that kind of limit on judges. The two ideas don’t seem compatible.

CKC club:
I agree. It was a shock to have to revamp my already approved‎ trial in April, when I found out about the rule change.
13th-Jun-2017 03:21 pm (UTC)
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